This Is How I Deal With My Anemia

Anemia is a condition where one does not have enough red blood cells. The body needs iron. Some of the symptoms are fatigue, dizziness and lightheadedness.

I’ve been anemic since I was eight years old. Living with my mother til’ the age of 17, I didn’t take care of myself. My mom was amazing at doing that for me. Then I moved out of the country to college… where I had to feed myself.

Like most college students, I was too focused on my studies and my social life to care about my eating habits. I ate out with my friends, neglected taking my iron pills and didn’t eat properly, ever. I ate whatever was cheap and easy.

I fed myself when I remembered, which was once a day, usually in the afternoon. Slowly, the symptoms of my anemia started kicking in. I felt unusually tired. It was difficult to keep my eyes open. I would sleep in the library with my head on my books, or in class. Getting dinner with friends came with the consequence of me not being able to wake up for class. Waking up in the morning is hard in general, but with anemia, you literally cannot get up. I thought it might have been a mental issue, until I started fainting about once every month. I got tested again and my hemoglobin level was super low. The school nurse got me to start checking my anemia ever three months. Y’all, it never got better until now.

After 4 years I’m finally feeling better and here’s what I do:

I take my iron pills.

This is not a joke. If you’re anemic and your doctor prescribes medicine, take it! It’s serious. You’ll feel a lot more human.

Changed my eating habits.

I’m no health guru, but I try to love my body through what I eat. I eat food high in iron, like spinach and beans. I know what it’s like to feel extremely tired, I hate it, so I eat energizing food. A lot of fruits, veggies and less fat and carbs.

Changed my sleeping habits.

People tend to brag about not getting any sleep because they’re “hustling.” You’ll hustle better if you do get some sleep. Just ask Arianna Huffington. Founder of The Huffington Post and author of The Sleep Revolution. She built an empire, I’d trust her. I try to get eight hours of sleep in, but if I’m being honest, I sleep six hours a night. Just like you need to plug-in your phone when it dies, your body needs to recharge as well. So try to sleep earlier to enjoy your day.

Take care of yourselves, mind, body and soul. I’ll be incorporating more recipes for you guys. I’ve been cooking a lot of healthy goodness. Also, look out for all my self-care hacks coming soon. If you have any additional tips, please comment below, I would love to see them.

PS: Look at this low carb dairy free pancake I made the other morning. Plus green juices! Are my absolute favorite thing. The Folifer box are my iron pills.



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