How To Pick A Travel Buddy

This is the most important part of your trip. Picking someone you have nothing in common with or isn’t always down for a good time can spoil your plans. Over the years, I’ve had one travel buddy and it’s my best friend. Our trips are unforgettable! However, it’s not because we’re best friends that it was easy for us to enjoy ourselves, it’s because we had common points of interests. Here are three tips to choosing the perfect travel partner:

1- Make sure they can afford it.

There have been situations where people have traveled together and the other person could barely afford to eat. You need to avoid that. The first thing to do is create a budget. Have a conversation about each other’s financial situation. Be honest and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2- Have common points of interest.

Some people are more interested in the everyday life of a country then its history. That’s okay! They might want to just walk around neighborhoods and not want to go to the museums. You mind the the person more interested in the history, not the everyday life. That can create conflict. Your travel buddy may not want to see the same things you want to see. In that case, the trip might be ruined if there is no compromise. Make an itinerary and see if agree on everything.

3- Triple check their personality.

There is no hiding who you are when you spend every waking moment with someone. You better make sure you can get along the entire time.

Hope you find the perfect travel buddy just like a I did. It’s always fun to create incredible memories with an amazing person. Safe travel love!



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