Soul-Seaching Fact: Travel Can Improve Your Life

This blog post is based on my personal experiences and opinion.

Recently I’ve been actively soul-searching. Not that I’m going through an identity crisis, but I’m in transition of figuring what I’m really passionate about. Soul-searching is not for the lost, it’s for those who are seeking growth. There will always be room for growth no matter how old you are. No one knows completely who they are. At least I don’t. I know my beliefs, my personality, and what I stand for.

To soul-search, some people like long hikes, training for marathons but I travel.   Traveling has thought me to live in int moment. My life is fast paced. I hate to take my time. If I want anything, I want it now and once I get it I’m on the next project. That’s an awful way to live because you miss out on life. Thankfully, I figured that out in High School and it transformed me into a classy, professional, hippie badass. My roots shaped me completely, the core of my personality is from my culture, but travel plays a huge role in who I am today.  I grew up in a country with a rich history and beautiful culture. The sound of drums, loud voices colliding and the bright colors reflect our history. I was blessed with a rich and powerful culture, and it gave me an appetite to learn deeply of other cultures.

Traveling opened my mind. It’s a little cliché and redundant to say that everyone is different but it’s a fact. Going to a different country and observing people, you don’t need to have a conversation to see that they are completely different. The way they walk, talk and their body language is so different from anything you might be used to. You’ll also notice the difference in every country you visit. It’s insane. You can only understand the definition of culture shock when you experience it. I love it!

Each country I’ve visited has changed me in a way.

The changes are little things that you don’t necessarily vocalize but notice along the way. China thought me to be grateful. Not that I was ungrateful prior to my trip, but like I mentioned, I tend to get over things quickly. Now I’m so appreciative of the little things. When you explore and learn so much about a culture in just a few days you self reflect. In China, “what had happened was“: I was studying abroad one summer and made a mistake with my visa. I got a one entry visa instead of two. I was in the main land of China and went to Hong Kong for a week-end. I had a nice surprise when I tried to take a ferry back to the main land. I was stuck in Hong Kong for five days. I was so pissed at everybody the first night. My friend decided to stay with me when the rest of the class had to go back, and we met a month before the trip. That experience gave us an incredible bond (Not to mention that we snuck out the day before to go clubbing without telling our professor).  We had so much fun with no university rules, and no class. How crazy is it that two girls from New York cut class in Hong Kong. That thought me how to turn any bad situation into a good one.

Spain gave me the realization that you can only feel joy when you experience pain. I would like to add quickly that I went to Spain twice. Once in Madrid and the second in Barcelona and I always have an amazing time. Nothing could compare to Spain and I love so many other countries. Before both trips, I had deep and personal thing happening in my personal life. Both times very different but heartbreaking. It’s crazy that I’ve had so much fun there when I was going through breaking points in my life. Spain is my therapy. I had this “haha” moment that everything really does happen for a reason, and this weight on my heart will get lighter.

Overall I’m a better person because of my experiences. I believe 100% that traveling is a perfect way to soul-search. Hope this blog gave you some motivation for growth.


heart nat



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