10 Reasons Why You Hated Your Trip

You made a plan to see the top countries on your bucket list. You knew where you wanted to go first, where to go last, the places of interest and exactly what you wanted to eat. If you’re anything like me, you probably planned your pictures ahead. You went on the trip, was so exited  to get there and it went horribly. Okay no one was “taken” but you didn’t enjoy the trip. It was probably all a blur. There are about 10 reasons it might have gone wrong:

1- You over planned

Yes, there is such a thing as over planning. You can’t control everything, and on vacation, you should not be controlling everything. Let it go! Be spontaneous for a change. On my first big trip, we were so focused on making everything perfect that we missed out on the little things. We were making the typical tourist mistake, which is to visit the points of interest and not paying attention to the culture or the people. Relax, it’s meant to be fun.

2- You didn’t plan at all

Bless your heart. I know I said to be spontaneous, but there’s a limit to everything. You can’t go across the world without a basic plan. What is a basic plan? Money, shelter, background check. Know where you’re going and know what you like. If you hate walking and exploring, don’t go around Europe. Also what’s happening over there? This is important! Check out the news, what’s currently happening over there. For example, I love Greece so much and I wanted to visit Athens this summer (2017) more than anything. There’s so much happening over there right now that it’s better to wait. Let the country deal with its problems. You’re spending money, it should be incredible.

3- You weren’t in the moment

That happened to me before. I went on this big trip and everything felt like a blur. That’s when you need to take a step back, grab a pen, paper ( in my case iPhone notes), and write what you’re grateful for. Not what you think you should be grateful for, but the truth, be honest with yourself. Pay attention to the little things. Does the wind feel the same as it does back home? Is the smell the different? Look at the buildings, are you familiar with this architecture? Appreciate the moment you’re in.

4- Your were with the wrong crowd

That can kill the mood. Positive tribe, positive vibe. I will not give you a speech about choosing the right friends. You can pick your family and friends, that’s my opinion. You need travel with people who like to do the same things you do.

5- You got robbed

This is a common issue. I’m not talking about a traumatic Kim K robbed. More like someone took your wallet from your pocket, or your bag now has a whole in it and your money is gone. It’s a bummer, but you have to be so careful. Unfortunately, that’s how the world is. Every time I travel people warn me about thieves. Keep you bag in front of you at all times, or create a pocket inside of your pants. No one will get that money unless you give them your pants.

6- You got ill

Know your body. Know what you can and cannot handle. Before you travel, go for a check up, make sure you’re healthy. The weather, environment, everything is different. Travel with an aid kit. Again, make your research. What’s contagious in the country you’re visiting. Should you be watching out for the water? Know where you going, always.

7- The food was terrible

I’m sorry. That would make me angry too. That has never happened to me before though because I always know what to expect. Again, research.

8- The site you wanted to see was being renovated

That happened to me in Rome. I was so ready to make a wish with my three coins and get that new romance. There was no water in the fountain and the police was making sure no one threw a coin in there. That ruined my day. I still tried to throw a coin in there but I don’t ever want to be behind bars, especially with a language barrier. No thanks.

9- Jet lag

This can be a… female dog. Once, I visited four cities in two weeks. On our first day in the first city (Rome) I slept the entire day. I woke up extremely hungry and everything was close. It was excruciating. That was my first and last jet lag though. #Blessed

I recommend sleeping on the plane. I force myself with ZzzQuil.

10- Your hotel was the worst

Once my friend and I stayed in this disgusting hostel in Paris, and I am forever traumatized. I hated Paris for that reason only, though it got worst. I even wrote a blog about it. But you know what! Now, it’s an hilarious story we can share by bonfires, and we can warn first time travelers. Watch out for hostels though! I recommend Generator Hostel. Breakfast is included, it’s clean, there are people of all ages (mostly young adults). I loved that there was a bar and a nightclub. It’s awesome!

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Hated Your Trip

  1. I like your ten reasons but even though I may have experienced them at some point in time I think I’m fortunate to have not allowed any of them stop me from enjoying my vacations, at least so far. Your post made me reflect on my vacations. You really forced me to think about these reasons. Thanks. This was a really great post.


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