Places To Take Phenomenal Pictures In Paris

To all my Instagram girls always looking for the perfect backdrop, Paris is God’s gift to you. I did say that I dislike Paris and that I would never go back. I changed my mind! My first time there was a horrible experience, now it’s a funny story . This time around, we knew exactly what we wanted to see, eat and do. I just need to say that these views were fire! I wasn’t in the moment the first time, so I barely noticed the beauty of it all. I am so here for Versailles and the Eiffel Tower. Wherever we went though, all I could see was a backdrop. I’m permanently obsessed with these views, the food and the culture. I never thought I would say this, but Paris is a dream. Take a look at the pictures taken with my iPhone 6 with zero editing.


Somewhere by the tower. No idea where.

Oh and sometimes I think I have photographic skills, but I’m really just touching a button. Paris did all the work.


Latin Quarters


Hope you enjoyed this blog and gained some inspiration for your next Insta post.


heart nat


2 thoughts on “Places To Take Phenomenal Pictures In Paris

  1. Stunning pictures. I am so looking forward for when I go, and will definitely use some of these picture spots. Versailles is just gorgeous!! I just did a presentation on it in my French class and I am so excited to visit it in person


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