First Time Ever Apple Picking

I finally did one of the most common American fall activity. I went apple picking and I’m officially basic. LIKE can I have some pumpkin spiced apples please? I didn’t grow up in the U.S, so I have a bucket list of all American things I want to do and this was definitely number five. I went to Harbes Family Farm with a group of friends. Though it was 90 degrees (which is not ideal), and everybody and their children were there, we had a blast. No seriously, everyone on Long Island showed up!

Was it what I expected? Sort of, but super organized. I was hoping to see huge apple trees, meaning what a fully grown apple tree is supposed look like. Instead there were isles of small trees, more like branches. It was similar to picking apples off a wall. A beautiful experience nonetheless.

Rule of Apple Picking: You’re not really Apple Picking unless you’re eating the apples.

No, thank you. I grew up in a household where I had to wash my fruits before eating them. Just a reminder that I’m from Haiti, some of these fruits were growing in our yard. I washed them! Seeing the dirt on the apples didn’t make it easier either. Everyone else was eating. I couldn’t, so judge me!

We also sipped on this delicious pumpkin beer, with cinnamon sugar on the cup. If heaven has better drinks than this… I can’t even imagine.

Bottom line it was amazing. If you haven’t done it please do. If you have, looks like we’re going on a date!



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