Why I’ll Never Take Another Tour Bus

As a tourist, it can be difficult to find your way around, especially with a language barrier. The tourist instinct is to visit an information office, or hop on a tour bus. Information is always your best bet to get around, but these tour buses are expensive. The cost is ludicrous, plus it’s not even the fun way to see a city. After gaining a little bit more experience from all our travels, my best friend and I thought that public transportation would be easier. How hard can it be to read a map and take the metro? Pretty easy! And if you’re a millennial unable to live without a GPS, just enter the directions in MAPS\Google Maps then screenshot.

Another form of transportation is bikes. Especially in Europe! It’s so fun, and if you get lost, just ask. There has to be somebody fluent in English.

My best experience in Barcelona wasn’t in the metro or on a bike.

We rented  electrical car with two sits. It was cute, convenient and definitely worth it! Was it expensive? Nope! It would’ve cost exactly the same if we each rented a bike.

See joy? I’m giddy just looking at this picture. That was my face all day.

Letting go of the car was the hardest thing we experienced on this trip. We saw everything on our list including Montjuïc, which was so far from our Airbnb. Plus, we saved lots of cab money.

Let me break it down for ya!

Where did we rent the car?

At Rent Electric. We saw the car, thought it was cute, asked for a price list and realized it was the exact same price as two bikes.

How was the drive?

Pretty easy. If you can drive, this is a piece of cake. It doesn’t go over 47 km/h, I was pretty bummed about that. It feels fast if you’re in the back, but if you’redriving it’s slow AF.

How much did it cost?

60 EUR! We didn’t need to pay for gas, our only job was to charge it. We no longer had to pay for the metro. Also to see the city like we wanted to see it, the metro wouldn’t have been enough. You see so much more in a car.

How did you get directions?

The car comes with a GPS. Tourists do this more often than locals, so a navigator is important. Of course there was an English option.

I strongly recommend that you rent this baby. I’m definitely renting one whenever I can. Thanks for reading!



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