Top 5 Phrases To Know In Every Language

Visiting a foreign country is always fun, but it can get nerve-racking when you don’t speak the language. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier for a millennial since technology is so advanced. You can just Google translate the hell out of this trip, which I wouldn’t recommend since it sucks. What I’m trying to say is that it’s helpful sometimes. Also, most people in this world speak English, so you’ll live. Why do you need to learn the language at all? Well, since you’re visiting this country, there’s something about that intrigues and exited you. Learning a few words is not as difficult as it seems. You don’t even have to memorize the phrases, just save them on you phone.

How will it help if you can’t understand their response? Well you’re not exactly starting a conversation. You’ll be asking question with one-handed questions. Some don’t even need answers. Also, trying to speak the language makes it easier on you and the person you are speaking to. If it’s an employee, they often speak English. Ask that one question in their language and continue in English. I personally think it’s easier that way since I speak multiple languages.

My advice, make sure you master these five phrases in their language, because chances are that you’ll use them often. Before the phrases, make sure you know these five words: Yes, no, thank you, sorry and please. Here’s what you might need to know:

1. I would like…

Even though the waiter or merchant may speak English, it makes it easier on them if you order in their language. It also makes the ordering process quicker, and they don’t mess up your order.

2. Check please!

That’s obvious. After finish a meal or a drink, I’m usually dying to leave. We’ve had a good time, now it’s time to go. Saying it in their language grads their attention a lot quicker.

3. What is the wi-fi password?

I’m a wi-fi champion. If there was a competition dubbed “Who can get the wi-fi quicker,” I would win. I’m obsessed with staying in touch with my loved ones, so I need my phone to work.

4. I don’t speak (Insert language).

You could be mistaken for a local. When people don’t realize you’re a foreigner and start a conversation, communicate. Just tell them you’re don’t get it, and check if they speak English, which they most likely do.

5. Where can I change money?

Here’s the thing, if you don’t understand the language, ask in English because you won’t understand the language. This a question I always need the answer to!

These are the top five question I always ask on a trip. Leave a comment if you have more suggestions.



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