A Day On Long Island Is What You Need This Summer

I’m a strong believer that my life is an adventure, and that I need to enjoy it as much as possible (on a budget). The feeling that I get seeing a place for the first time is exhilarating, so I do my best to explore often. Exploring doesn’t necessarily mean booking a plane ticket. People tend to take their town/state for granted. For example, many people who grew up in Long Island don’t realize how amazing it is. Long Island is my college town, and I was determined to have fun. Most of my friends from college are from Long Island and with me, were discovering new fun things to do. For instance I wanted to go on a nature walk, I found a lake 10 minutes away from my friend’s house that she didn’t even know existed after years of living there. The Island is big on nature by the way if that your thing.

Anyways, here is how I spent an awesome day in Hempstead, Long Island.

To start off the day, we had lunch at The Witches Brew. A common spot for Long Islanders. Such a cute spot! The food is exquisite, mainly vegetarian and vegan. The beverage menu is amazing, I had fun just reading it, and my drink, dubbed Voodoo was delicious. The Witches Brew gets a 9/10.

Courtesy of @_anutha
Giving you a minute to appreciate how yummy this looks.

After eating, I wanted to walk it off. Highly recommend going to Hempstead Lake State Park. It was beautiful! This is coming from a girl who grew up in a Caribbean Island and is more than familiar to beautiful lakes and rivers. Few people were there when I went, you’re not allowed to swim, but the view was incredible.



Feel free to comment or e-mail me if you have any questions. Hope you’re intrigued by Long Island now because she’s a beauty. You’re my fav for reading.


heart nat


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